Students are considered tardy if they are not ready to dance at their class start time. Students needing a little more time to get class-ready should arrive slightly early. Any students arriving late should await their teacher's instructions so they know whether to join their classmates, warm up, or sit out if they have already missed too much of the class. Please note that students arriving late to Pointe 1 will most likely be asked to sit out, because the guided exercises at the beginning of a pointe class are crucial for safe participation.
Absences are considered excused when the student is sick, an emergency prevents the student from coming to class, or a parent excuses the absence in advance. Email is the preferred method for communicating absences. Please communicate the absence at least a day in advance as lesson plans can sometimes depend on the full class being present, particularly during show season. Students accruing what the teacher deems an unreasonable quantity of unexcused absences will not be considered for level advancement for the following dance year, and may be asked to sit out of the show at the teacher's discretion.
In the event that a teacher is unable to teach a class, a substitute teacher will be arranged. If no substitute teachers are available, the class will be cancelled and an optional "make-up" class will be scheduled.
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