Requirements for Students
We require that students:
- Treat their teachers and classmates with kindness and respect
- Listen when their teacher or classmate is speaking
- Raise their hand before speaking
- Be ready when it is their turn to dance
- Apply themselves with diligence
- Maintain a cheerful attitude towards teacher corrections

We ask that students refrain from:
- Chewing gum in class
- Touching the mirrors
- Leaning against the barre or sitting in class without permission
- Hanging from the barre
- Distracting their classmates
- Running around the classroom
- Raising their voices
- Critiquing their classmates or otherwise assuming a "teaching" role
- Questioning the teacher's decisions in class (they are welcome to bring up concerns outside of class)

Teachers reserve the right to prohibit any behavior not explicitly mentioned in the Code of Conduct that they deem problematic.
Students who misbehave may be asked to sit out for part or all of the remaining class time and parents will be notified. Continued misbehavior may result in dismissal from the program.
Notes for Parents
We respectfully request that parents:
- Keep their conversations at a low volume when observing a class
- Refrain from communicating with their child during class, so that the student's attention stays on the teacher unless the teacher indicates that parent intervention is needed
- Limit teacher interaction between classes so that we can keep classes running on schedule (you are always welcome to email us!)​​​​​​​
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